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Kevin wants Finley, Darko struggles, and more…

Kevin wants Finley, Darko struggles, and more...

What’s good, basketball fans? Let’s take a look at the latest news from the NBA.
Houston Re-signs Dikembe Mutombo
As old as the man is (don’t believe the playerfile listing of thirty-eight), I think this is a good move. What he lacks in mobility (read: limbs which bend), he makes up for in experience. Yao and Stro’ are in dire need of a big brother-type backup who can educate them on the finer points of the game, and Deke is the perfect man for the job. 
That said, I’m still hoping someone in management gets their head right and invites Hakeem back to drop some knowledge on the children. He’s already in the country working with Emeka Okafor, and he has expressed an interest in being involved with the Rockets in some way. Why they haven’t snapped him up by now, I couldn’t tell you.
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Darko Looking Shaky
Word is that everyone’s favourite bench-warming, gold-hair-having, supposed-to-be-mediocre-by-now-but-still-totally-sucking player is finally getting some burn. I’m not sure the fact that he struggled can even be classified as news, although his presence on the Serbian squad did come as a bit of a surprise to me. My thoughts on Darko now are the same as when I first saw him play (if that’s the right word): when are they going to give up on this ridiculous experiment? 
Joe Dumars took a blind swing and missed everything by several feet, and it’s time for him to put his hand up and admit the mistake. People can talk about Darko’s potential all they want, but I don’t buy it. If this is the player expected to revolutionise the power forward position, why can’t he, at twenty and with several years of professional experience under his belt, do anything that separates him from the average kid to make the jump straight from high school? What’s his hook? Can he shoot? No. Can he dribble? No. Is he a spectacular athlete? No. Freakishly tall? No. If someone can give me any reason we should still have any faith in him, I’d love to hear it.
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K.G. and McHale Selling Wolves to Finley
The news from Minnesota is that The Big Ticket is personally involved in the pitch to bring Michael Finley to town. While the Wolves’ G.M. claims that they’re now in the race with Miami, Phoenix and San Antonio, I don’t see Finley ever joining K.G. and crew. It’s common knowledge that Mike is on the hunt for the jewelry, but the only ice he’s going to find in Minneapolis will be the kind made of water. 
San Antonio are the favourites to take it all again next year. Phoenix already have a place in his heart. Miami have one of the strongest squads in the league. Why would he choose the Timberwolves over all of that? Unless the two Kevins can convince him he’d be happier with less wins and a more prominent role in the offence, he’ll be making his way south, most likely to Texas or Florida.
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In Other News
With McKie inked, Kupchak is done signing free agents (registration required). 
Jannero Pargo is considering Utah, Miami, Toronto and Cleveland (seventh paragraph onwards). 
The Lakers don’t expect Spree to sign for what they can offer. 
The Lakers are said to be planning to buy out Vlade’s contract (registration required). 
Varejão may have torn ligaments in his shoulder, which could require surgery. 
What else?
That’s all there is for today. As always, if you have anything to say, you can get at me via email ([email protected]) or by using the comment box below. Check us out again tomorrow for my thoughts on the latest transactions and other basketball happenings.