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Kobe interested in Olympics, Latrell Sprewell to join Nuggets, and more…

Kobe interested in Olympics, Latrell Sprewell to join Nuggets, and more...

Kobe in the Olympics
Jerry Colangelo claims that Kobe is “waiting for a call” from the Olympic committee, apparently willing to give up his summer to help redeem what used to be the Dream Team. As with all matters which concern Kobe, public reaction is mixed, as is mine. One the one hand, Kobe is undeniably one of the best players on the planet, and I have no doubt he’d lay the smack down on the rest of the world. On the other, he has a history of chemistry issues, even managing to start beef with players not on his team.
The fact that he’s willing to commit himself to the squad when he could be taking it easy is a good sign, however. It seems unlikely that he’d sacrifice what little free time he has and risk injury only to stir up trouble. The thought crossed my mind that he could be doing this in an effort to help repair his shattered image, but that was the devil on my shoulder talking. The angel on the other side claims that Kobe’s stepping up for the right reasons, and if this is the case, he’ll be a valuable asset to Team America.
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Pop and Coach K on the Shortlist
In other Olympic news, it has been revealed that it’s between Greg Popovich, Mike Krzyzewski and an unnamed individual for the position of head coach. Having followed this for a while, I’d put money on Coach K getting the nod, although you’ll hear no complaints from me if Pop is handed the cap and clipboard. 
The only bad news is that Mike D’Antoni (remember that Colangelo is the big boss man in Phoenix) will be involved in some way. Those of you who read Friday’s blog will know my opinion on M-Dizzle, although those comments pertained to his abilities as a head coach. If he can play the role of offensive coordinator while another coach focuses on the defence, I’ll shut my mouth. If he pulls his normal trick of doing nothing more than standing still and looking stern, however, I’d suggest they leave him home in favour of more room on the bus.
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Mike Out, Spree In
Today we discovered that Michael Finley has officially eliminated the Nuggets from the pool of potential new teams, while Latrell Sprewell is said to be poised to sign with Denver. Kiki had already made it clear that Denver was at the back of the pack in the race for Finley, and today’s announcement did nothing more than to make it official. For my thoughts on Spree’s suitability for Denver, check out Friday’s blog, the link to which you can find on the right.
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In Other News (click for more)
LeBron loses his court case.
The league revises its drug policy.
Al Jefferson is likely to start at power forward.
Felipe Lopez is in talks with several teams.
The Hornets are interested in Troy Bell (registration required).
Wally won’t be leaving Minnesota (registration required).