Monday , Sep , 19 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

The Blog: NBA Caption Contest

What’s good, basketball fans?

With the NBA news coming in at the rate of approximately one meaningful piece of information every four to five days, we’ll continue with the Articles that Diminish My Credibility as a Writer series. Today’s feature is the time-honoured tradition of the caption contest, in which you, good readers, chip in with your contributions to help put words to the images.

The Blog: NBA Caption Contest

To enter the contest, either post in the comment box below with the image number, email address and your caption, or send a message to me directly at [email protected]. The only rules are that your captions need to be fairly clean and funnier than mine (this should be easy). The reader to submit the best caption will receive a HoopsVibe headband in the mail. 



Antoine: “You’re trading me? I’m going to start shooting from the backcourt then.”

Mark: “Just forget I said anything.”
Ben: “That’s right, Larry. Now grab my right hip and spin me.”
Earl: “Remember your self-defence classes, Earl. Stand tall and aim for the groin.”
Shaq: “Why is he looking at my groin?”
Rasual: “Stop it!”
Baron: “But I’m not touching you!”
Jason Hart: “What just happened?”
Referee: “You got knocked the f**k out, man!”
Dick Bavetta: “I said left leg blue, Derek.”
LeBron: “Damn, Jeff, what have you been eating?”
Jeff: “I swear that wasn’t me. I think Z forgot to shower again.”
Violet Palmer: “I don’t care if you were the MVP; you can still talk to the hand.”
Bill: “Luke, I am your father.”
Luke: “Like that one never gets old, Alf.”
Darko: “Twelve hundred more and Darko get to carry bags for team.”
That’s your lot, folks.  Get those captions coming in, and check back on Thursday to find out who won the contest. Until the next edition of The Blog, take it easy.