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Saturday’s NBA Recap: Eddy Curry, T.J. Ford, The Spurs, and more…

What’s good, basketball fans?

Let’s take a look at last night’s games.

Saturday's NBA Recap: Eddy Curry, T.J. Ford, The Spurs, and more...

Memphis Grizzlies 104, Washington Wizards 79
–         Hakim Warrick had another impressive outing, notching nineteen points on eight-of-twelve shooting. Those calling him the year’s big bust just quietened down a little.
–         Pau Gasol also put nineteen points on the board, looking a little more aggressive on the glass than he did last year. It seems as if the tougher look that came with the beard is encouraging him to throw his ‘bows a little more freely. Talking of which, the Grizzly Adams references made by his team-mates are all the more funny for the fact that Pau plays with a picture of a bear on his uniform.
–         The Washington official in charge of reporting the injuries to the table clearly didn’t put in as much effort as his counterpart from Memphis. Here’s how the Grizzlies’ I.L. read:
Sprained left ankle
Bruised left knee
Sprained right ankle
Left knee rehabilitation
Here’s how Washington’s list looked:
I think I actually prefer the Wizards’ way. If Gilbert Arenas were playing for Memphis, his groin injury may have been reported as a “Sprained left testicle” or something else disturbingly specific.
–         Looking at the final box score, it’s no wonder the Grizzlies ran away with this one. They finished the game shooting fifty percent from the arc and sixty percent from the field overall.
Chicago Bulls 116, Boston Celtics 97
–         Gerald Green struggled last night, converting only three of his ten shots.
–         Ricky Davis showed us that he still has a little spring left in his legs, spiking down a vicious right-hander on the break. Along with his hops, he also returns this season with his trademark ’70s facial hair. How can you not love the guy?
–         Ben Gordon made the highlight reel with a gorgeous up-and-under and-one off of a slick backdoor play.
–         Luol Deng was looking a little out-of-shape, suffering from the phenomenon known as “Summer Legs”.
–         The Bulls hit eight of their eleven threes in the game.
–         Marcus Banks was sitting with a “Left tibia stress reaction”. It sounds as if his leg needs a shrink rather than a physiotherapist.
Orlando Magic 101, New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets 83
–         The New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets? Alright then.
–         I hear that Grant Hill is out with an injury and have horrible visions of yet more metal plates, screws and duct tape being used to hold his ankle together. A little later, it’s mentioned that it’s only a bruised knee. Phew.
–         Chris Paul had a solid but uninspiring line of eight points, five boards and two steals.
–         Dwight Howard missed only two shots en route to nineteen, nine boards and three blocks in twenty-four minutes of burn. Perhaps he’ll be having his breakout year a little sooner than expected.
New York Knicks 93, New Jersey Nets 84
–         Eddy Curry had sixteen on the night. While nothing stunning for a preseason contest, what was impressive was that he played only thirteen minutes.
–         Two years ago, I could squint my eyes and see a vague resemblance, but now I simply can’t make the connection between the old Penny Hardaway and the one we have now.
–         Steven Barker is tiny. He looks small even for a player listed at 5’10’’, 160.
–         The Nets turned the ball over twenty-one times. You know Larry Frank had something to say about that in the post-game meeting.
Charlotte Bobcats 82, Miami Heat 72
–         As if to one-up New Jersey, the Heat had a shocking twenty-five turnovers.
–         Hilarious Injury Alert: Primoz Brezec with “right shin discomfort”.
–         Raymond Felton continued to look shaky on the floor, registering three turnovers in fifteen minutes of play.
–         Kareem Rush also had a less than stellar evening, knocking down only one of his eight triples (three of sixteen field goals overall) in his thirty-two minutes on the floor. It’s that sort of performance that normally causes players to end up with the Bobcats.
–         Gary Payton was out with a stomach virus. Does that mean that instead of talking shit, he…never mind.
–         I know he wants them to become acclimatised to one another and their offence, but Stan Van Gundy wasn’t wise to play J-Dub and Dwyane for a combined sixty-nine minutes.
–         Shaq had eleven boards in twenty-four minutes. The extra beef seems to be paying off.
–         Flash and Udonis combined for ten turnovers. Ugh.
Milwaukee Bucks 91, Cleveland Cavaliers 89
–         Fan favourite T.J. Ford was finally back in action, and he showed few ill effects of his time away, putting up seventeen points to go with four dimes.
–         Damon Jones missed all four of his shots and failed to score. Not so many open looks without Shaq, huh?
–         Anderson Varejão is listed as having a dislocated shoulder. Considering he suffered the injury over a month ago, you’d think they would have put it back into the socket by now.
–         Bogut was better offensively (ten points, five of six from the field), but you have to be concerned when he grabs only three boards in twenty-four minutes of play.
Houston Rockets 95, San Antonio Spurs 87
–         Tim Duncan still hasn’t had a haircut, and it’s starting to look suspiciously like a baby ’fro up there. If he shows up to a game with an Afro pick in it, I’m going to buy his jersey.
–         When Yao comes back, he, Tracy and Stro’ are going to form one hell of a front three.
–         T-Mac went down following a nasty (but accidental) knee to the middle from Sharrod Ford, who took at least four steps on the play. The announcers seem to think that it hit him in his gut, but it looked to me as if he was holding his hip. He later turned out to be alright, but JVG kept him on the bench nonetheless.
–         Timmy D. finishes with an and-one following a left-to-right dribble move. If anyone else had done it, I would have called it a crossover.
–         The Spurs are yet to win a game in the preseason. Still, I don’t think Pop is too worried.
Denver Nuggets 112, Portland 85
–         Voshon Lenard was back and looking more comfortable with his shot, knocking down seven of his thirteen field goals for seventeen points.
–         Rookie Martell Webster made an impression on the game, racking up twelve points.
–         The Nuggets didn’t record a single block.
–         Carmel was looking to continue the improvement that began in the second half of last year, registering twenty-three points and four thefts.
–         Julius Hodge was unsettled once again, managing only a point, a board, four fouls and six turnovers. He did, however, partially redeem himself with seven assists.
Los Angeles Clippers 90, Phoenix Suns 87
A total of ten players sat this one out for various reasons.
– It may only be the preseason, but it’s not a good sign for the Suns that they lost to a Clippers squad missing Kaman, Cassell, Brand, Livingston and McCarty which shot only thirty-nine percent for the game. They’d better hope that Amaré gets well soon.
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