Monday , Jan , 16 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Day in Quotes: Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Francis, Ruben Patterson, and more…

What’s good, basketball fans?

A happy MLK Day to all; here’s hoping you use some of your time today to pay homage to Dr. King and his legacy.

Although a good number of you have today off, I’m still on the grind, which means that you have the treat of another edition of The Day in Quotes.

Let’s get right into it.

“He’s a hell of a player, but I just got in him.” – Ruben Patterson on guarding LeBron James

The Day in Quotes: Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Francis, Ruben Patterson, and more...

Hold on a second; you got in him? I’ve been witness to many a dirty defensive tactic, but none of them actually involved getting in a player. I’m not surprised LeBron had a rough game given that treatment, and I wouldn’t have blamed him for calling it a night and running all the way home. Just remind me never to shake Ruben Patterson’s hand.
”I like Steve as a person; I like him a great deal. I’ll miss sitting down having meals and discussions with him, but it was a matter that had to be handled the way it was handled.” – Brian Hill on Steve Francis
Is it just me, or does Hill’s language make it sound as if Stevie has made his final appearance as a member of the Magic? It may simply be, however, that he’s not going to be eating with his coach in the future. An insider informs me that he made a scene at a recent team meal by refusing to pass the peas all night, then later telling Coach Hill to shove it when he asked Steve to clear up at the end of the meal.
"As the season goes on, that’s going to be the recipe for him, cutting back his practice time. If you’re a ten-year veteran, there are not a lot of new things you’re going to learn." – Dwane Casey on preserving Kevin Garnett’s energy
Really, Dwane, are you sure there? It’s not a ridiculous statement to make, but I think Allen Iverson and Marcus Camby might disagree with you on this one. Both players made their professional debuts in 1996, and both are, as Ivey’s ad campaign claims, "Stronger Than Ever."
"I bought it. I’m riding with it hoping there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." – Jerry Stackhouse on the Mavericks’ new rotation, which puts him on the bench for the start of most games
You’re going to have to fight Brian Scalabrine for the gold; dude’s got that crock on lock. Even after making some major paper on that endorsement deal with Lucky Charms, Scalabreezy isn’t in the mood to share.
"Call me in seventy-two hours and I will have some news for you." – Minnesota owner Glen Taylor on Michael Olowokandi’s status with the Timberwolves
I can’t be sure, but I’ve a feeling Taylor’s statement and the following advert on the Minneapolis Craig’s List site are related.
For sale: extra-large coat rack – wooden legs, many holes in paint, several testicle marks. Price: serviceable guard o.n.o.
Coincidence? I doubt it.
"When I saw Monty’s, I put mine away." – John Lucas
Good grief. Do we really need to hear these things? Although I soon discovered that they were actually comparing championship rings, the damage had already been done.
“He has a new rap song every day. Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, he’s got it down. I tell him he’s widening his collection. He’s a rapper now.” – Marquis Daniels on Dirk Nowitzki
Save us, please. A rap record release from Dirk is one of the sure signs of the apocalypse, and a freaking bad idea to boot. I’ve never heard him flex his lyrical muscle on the mic, but I’ve a feeling Dirk’s flow could actually make his defence look tight.
That’s about all we have for today’s edition of TDIQ. As always, you can reach me via email ([email protected]) or the box at the bottom of your page if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. Enjoy the rest of your MLK Day, and check back with us tomorrow for the next instalment. Until then, take it easy.