Wednesday , Apr , 19 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Richardson Is Sorry

Let’s kick this post off with a simple, one-question quiz. What would you do if you were the captain of an underachieving western conference NBA team which had fallen short in its quest for the playoffs once again despite high hopes?

A) Blame your coach, teammates, your franchise’s ownership group, then claim that your sneakers didn’t fit well, so you couldn’t really play properly.

B) Keep your head down and hope nobody notices you.

C) Pay more than $50,000 to take out a series of full-page adverts in regional newspapers to apologise to the fans.

Of course, J-Rich lived up to his name, showing the depth of his pockets by dropping over $50K to let the fans know that the Warriors messed up this year. If there’s one thing that never gets old, it’s reading about how much cash NBA players are willing to spend on things most folks wouldn’t even consider.

Jason Richardson Is Sorry

"Regrettably, we just didn’t get it done for you," read the ad copy. "We are committed to doing whatever it takes this summer to make the 2006-07 season one that you can be proud of."

That’s nice and all, but I’ll tell you this much: I could run my car into the side of someone’s house and I wouldn’t shell out more than the price of a Craig’s List advert to say I was sorry. That said, when you consider Kobe parted with more than four million for a ring to apologise, Jason Richardson’s expenditure doesn’t seem all that nutty.