Wednesday , Apr , 19 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Orlando Wants to Keep Darko

Mere months ago, you could have left a message on Joe Dumars’ answering machine offering him a bench towel in exchange for the rights to Darko Milicic, and he would have called you back to ask what colour the towel was. Now, following a change of scenery and an increase in his minutes, Darko’s managed to make himself into a useful member of society, averaging around eight points, four boards and two blocks a game since he set up shop in Central Florida.

Predictably, Magic management got a little overexcited, and there’s already talk of a long-term contract extension. Although he probably won’t put pen to paper until next summer, it’s nice to know that thirty-something semi-promising games is all you need to be considered for a fat payday.

“We’ll continue conversations and evaluate it, and if it makes sense and it’s something we want to do from a numbers standpoint, we’ll do it. But if we can’t keep the numbers down, we won’t engage it.”

If there’s one thing we know Darko is capable of doing, it’s keeping the numbers down. All jokes aside, it’s good to see that Orlando’s pulling the oldest trick in the book by talking his value down through the media. Darko could average a double-double next year and they’d still try to get him for cheap.

Orlando Wants to Keep Darko