Friday , Apr , 21 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Today’s News

Let’s take a look at what’s gone down since yesterday.

Pat Riley’s coming back to coach next year. I have two problems with this story. Firstly, the rumours that he was thinking of packing it in were clearly nothing more than playground talk. Secondly, it’s been proven already that Pat Riley’s word can’t always be taken at face value.

Riley, 61, had no comment for the record, but his confirmation of his plans was in response to “numerous media inquiries and unsubstantiated rumors about his future,” according to the team.

Danny Fortson wants out of Seattle. It’s always fun to hear from Danny since he’s certifiably nuts and always provokes a massive negative backlash with his comments. On top of that, he has an enormous persecution complex, and Peter Vecsey hates him.

“Nothing against those guys, I’d much rather compete against them than to sit behind them,” he said. “That’s not going to work out. I think Bob Hill knows that. I think (general manager) Rick Sund knows that, and if you see me back here next year, just know they know what they’re getting themselves into.”

Today's News

Baron Davis admits he wasn’t in the best shape this year. I’d have a tough time criticising B-Dizzle since the guy has played through more injuries than most players have had in their career. He has issues with his back, ankle, forefoot and both knees, and he looks tubby even when he’s in perfect physical condition. Despite having just limped through one of the worst seasons of his career, he’s already talking about next year.
"I just feel like I’ve got a lot to prove," Davis said. "I feel like people are counting me out, writing me off, and that’s the best. I live for that. … People write us off and criticize — I accept all of that. I use all of that as a challenge."
Chris Bosh is planning to sign a long-term deal with Toronto, and Mike James is crazy. It’s been common knowledge for a while now that CB4 was going to take the money and stick with the Craptors, but this is the first time that Mike James has talked like a nut in public. If you thought his diatribe yesterday was insane, just wait for today’s rant.
"I can’t make people love me," James said. "I can’t make people like me. Even Jesus Christ and all the healing he was doing on every single day, they still wanted to persecute him and kill him. And so, who am I? I can’t even pull a hangnail out of my daughter’s finger let alone heal somebody. So who am I to think that everybody’s going to like me, appreciate me and value what I do on the court and off the court?"

Larry Brown is still a liar. Additionally, he and Isaiah are talking about the possibility if trading Marbles, and Zeke is making excuses for his coach. What a franchise.
"I said that in Detroit. I wasn’t in control of that," Brown said. "I’m sure I want to retire here. I want to fulfill my contract. I want to stay involved as long as they’d have me. I feel better [health-wise] than when I took the job."

Darius Miles is mad. If you only read one thing today, let it be this. There are enough quotes in this one interview to fill a whole column.
“And with alcohol, I can go out with my wife to Ruth Chris the night before. If I sit down, have a bunch of glasses of wine, and I might be a little tipsy and she drives me home, everything be cool. Next day in practice, if you sweat, it’s going to come out of your pores, regardless. We got a lot of players on our team, which I’m not going to name, because this is my situation, but if you ask any coach around the league how many times they have smelled liquor on a player? As long as that player is showing up on time, doing the drills, and he running, that’s just a part of it. But I’m not the person who is going to put people’s name out there. But yeah, there have been times.”
Kevin McHale will be back next year and so, he says, will Kevin Garnett. Are we to believe this is true? I’m not sure anyone can say at this point, but Minnesota fans can at least take heart in the fact that McHale is making this type of statement so early in the summer. Many believe that this is the year The Big Ticket will finally make his big exit, but at the same time, few can see any way it could happen.
“…he’s under contract, he wants to be here, he wants this thing to work,” McHale said. “I spoke to Kevin a lot yesterday. … He wants to make it work.”