Sunday , May , 14 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Is Larry Brown Being Bought Out?

I feel I can say that the Knicks stunk like Vlad Radmanovic’s armpits this year without exhibiting any particular bias, and most would agree with me on that. Similarly, I don’t think I’m putting forward my own opinion when I say that Larry Brown and his crackpot tactics were a major contributing factor in the pitiful performance of the team most saw as a middle-of-the-pack performer prior to the start of the season.

Well, it seems as if someone finally broke this “news” in the luxury suite, and now halfwit/entrepreneur James Dolan may buy out the rest of Larry Brown’s contract. This means that the man whose line-ups were largely determined by a dartboard and a magic eight ball will be invited to take a little break from work in exchange for a payout roughly equal to the annual turnover of some small nations.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan is considering buying out the final four years of Brown’s contract, worth at least $40 million.

The Knicks declined to comment and would neither confirm nor deny a report that Knicks president Isiah Thomas would be named as Brown’s successor.

Is Larry Brown Being Bought Out?

I laughed until I cried, then cried for real. I generally don’t like to guess what other people are thinking, but I imagine that New York fans would be less than pleased to read that Zeke might be taking the coaching reins next year. He may have been one of the greatest to ever lace them up, but his ability to predict even the short-term future of the franchise makes Miss Cleo look like Nostradamus.