Sunday , May , 14 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Mike James Wants a Return to the Houston Rockets

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from Mike James’ recent rise to prominence, it’s that the man isn’t afraid to talk a little crazy crap from time to time. From comparing his time in Toronto with Jesus’ public ministry to insisting he’d have been a legitimate MVP candidate if only the Craptors had won a few more games this year, he’s said more than enough to convince us that he’s a tad eccentric.

However, I’m fairly confident he’s being honest when he claims that he wants to go back to the Rockets next season. Cynics will say that it would also mean getting out of Toronto, a nice city with a horrible franchise, although James has stated his main motivation as being that his house is in Houston, which is also his wife’s hometown.

“Houston is my first choice,” James said. “Seriously, Houston is home. My wife is from Houston. We just bought our house in Houston. I want to go home.”

Mike James Wants a Return to the Houston Rockets

Of course, Mike James couldn’t speak in public without saying something at least a little nutty, so he made a sincere attempt to recommend himself for a guard spot with the Rockets.
"I definitely could see myself on the court with Rafer," James said. "I think I could help him out a lot. And could you see me, Rafer, Juwan (Howard), Yao and Tracy on the court together? Teams could not double off anyone… Everybody talks about my point-guard play, says I’m not a pass-first player. I’m not. I’m a make-the-play player. Whatever it takes to make the play, that’s what I’m going to do. Whether it’s scoring or passing, I’m going to make the play."

He might be thirty-one and far from the type of player Houston would otherwise have signed, but he’s worth a contract for entertainment value alone. If he starts for the Rockets next year and they make it to the playoffs, there’s a good chance he’d run for the presidency.