Monday , May , 15 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Knicks Want Ben Gordon

Whether or not Larry Brown returns to coach them next year, what’s clear already is that the Knicks are about to undergo a major personnel overhaul. With the second round of the playoffs barely halfway through, there’s already talk of a potential summer deal, one which would bring second-year Chicago guard Ben Gordon to the Big Apple. A native of Mount Vernon (just north of The Bronx, for those who didn’t know), it’s unlikely he’d be averse to a trade which moved him back home, despite his apparent happiness in Chi-Town.

So, what are the chances of BG7 becoming Madison Square Gordon any time soon? Preliminary reports don’t seem to confirm anything, but given that Isiah Thomas will be looking to ship one or both of Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury out of town, it certainly looks as if he’d be fit to plug a gap. What’s more, as a twenty-three-year-old on a modest salary, he’d help give New York the two things they need most: youth and financial flexibility. Still, all we know for sure at present is that the Knicks and Bulls have held trade discussions in which Ben Gordon’s name featured prominently.

According to sources in Chicago and a source close to Gordon, the Knicks were interested in acquiring the Mount Vernon native in exchange for, “one of the Knicks elite guards” and a No. 1 pick in next year’s draft.

My advice if I were Zeke and the Bulls offered me Gordon in exchange for Steve Francis and a top pick would be to pull the trigger before they realise what they’re doing. Franchise might currently be able to contribute more in the right situation, but that probably won’t be true for long. If Larry Brown is expected to be a feature in NYC next season, the same would go for a swap sending Marbles to the Windy City.

If you’re not sure why New Yorkers are so excited by the prospect of Ben suiting up for their team, the clip below should give you a few clues.

The Knicks Want Ben Gordon