Friday , May , 19 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

LeBron James to Re-sign with Cleveland Cavaliers?

The debate that has consumed the state of Ohio since he first pulled on a Cleveland jersey looks as if it may soon be over, with the indication being that LeBron James will re-sign with the Cavaliers.

Of course, the smart money was always on King James inking a long-term deal to stay at home, but recent developments have made it all but a certainty for some. In particular, their surprising run of form throughout these playoffs has helped convince LeBron that the team isn’t as far from a championship as previously thought.

“As good as we are now? I didn’t think we could be this good this fast,” James said. ”With eight new players, a whole new coaching staff, a whole new organization… I knew with the offseason acquisitions that we were going to be a good team. We’ve come a long way in the last year.”

Considering what he’s already accomplished in his short career, I shudder to think what LeBron’s going to do to the league if he finds himself in a stable long-term situation such as a five-year extension with Cleveland would offer. Given that he’s grown from a top-tier player into a living legend in just three years despite the numerous personnel changes around him, there’s no telling what he’ll have achieved by the time he’s thinking of signing his third contract.

LeBron James to Re-sign with Cleveland Cavaliers?

One thing that’s for damn sure, though, is that he’ll have stacked enough paper to hire Donald Trump to wash his cars. With the sort of cash he’ll have in the bank, he could buy a new whip every time the old one got dirty if he wanted.
The team will officially offer the deal, worth around $75 million, on July 1 and James can sign it any time between July 12 and Oct. 31. With Team USA training for the FIBA World Championships set for July 19 in Las Vegas, then an Asian tour and the competition itself set to eat up all of August and some of September, it would be prudent for James to get the deal done.

Does it really take that long to sign a contract? I figure that, even if the pen dries up or you forget how to spell your name, the process can’t take longer than thirty seconds. If seventy-five million dollars isn’t the sort of money that excites LeBron enough to spare half a minute from his hectic schedule, I officially hate him. You could offer me fifty thousand, and I’d have put my name on the contract, bought some platinum fronts and picked up a video chick before the glue on the “SIGN HERE” sticker had dried.