Tuesday , May , 23 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

LeBron James Staying with Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that LeBron James has announced that he wishes to stay with the Cavaliers. Following speculation that he’d look to jump ship to buddy Jay-Z’s Nets in anticipation of their move to Brooklyn, he’s finally quietened the conspiracy theorists and spoken openly of his desire to put pen to paper on a new contract with Cleveland.

“Of course, I want to stay,” James said. “This season has really put me in a good frame of mind as far as me being a part of this organization for a long time – the great teammates that I have and a coaching staff that I really enjoy being around.”

The negotiations should be cut-and-dry. He will get the maximum amount possible.

“Hopefully not,” James said when asked if the negotiations would take long. “We can come to an agreement that’s suitable for both sides.”

LeBron James Staying with Cleveland Cavaliers

Of course, by “suitable for both sides” he means a maximum contract with as many legal perks as possible, and a few more we won’t be hearing about. He may not find himself in a big market for at least a few years, but seventy-five million dollars and the freedom to do and demand whatever he wants should be compensation enough. What’s more, he’ll have the option of getting out of Ohio while still in his prime (he’ll be twenty-six when the contract expires) if he so chooses.
"Our control over the situation is to continue to do as many good things as possible for our team and making it a great place to play and make our team a contender for a championship," Ferry said. "Players want to be part of that. We are committed to make this a great place to play. LeBron is a big part of our future. Hopefully, we’ll be able to say that for a very long time."
Translation: “We sucked up to ’Bron like you wouldn’t believe.”