Tuesday , May , 30 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Karl Malone Cometh (Probably)

I’ve always said that he wouldn’t be able to keep his bald head and deadly elbows away from the league for long, and now, it seems, my predictions are on their way to coming true. Speaking from Utah, Karl Malone today hinted at a return to the NBA, though not as a player this time.

“Am I looking one day to be more involved and more active in (basketball)? Absolutely…I don’t mind starting at the bottom, being on the sideline,” he added. “When I came out of college (Louisiana Tech, in 1985), I did the same thing.”

He’s currently helping the Jazz out as a scout, and a role in talent evaluation is just about perfect for The Mailman at this point in time. It allows him not only to gradually ease himself back into the action, but also to observe the assistant coaches and decide whether a career behind the clipboard would be right for him. Whatever he eventually chooses, he won’t be short on options.

Karl Malone Cometh (Probably)

"We had really good dialogue last year, but I didn’t want to just jump back into it," Malone said. "We had a great conversation with (Hornets owner) Mr. (George) Shinn, and we talked candidly about a lot of things."
This year, Malone said without being specific, "a couple teams other than the Jazz" have made overtures as well.
"I’ve had opportunities to learn," he said, "from people that say, ‘Hey, when you’re ready to do this, come here.’"

I have no idea how suited Karl Malone would be to a coaching position, but I’d hire him in a heartbeat if I were running a franchise. Every offensive set would be initiated by a pick-and-roll play, there’d be a limit on the length of shorts, and you’d be guaranteed at least one broken bone a game. What’s more, the showdown between Malone’s team and the Jazz would be a meeting of two of the biggest bad-asses in league history. If he and Jerry Sloan ever got into it, they’d have to identify anyone who came in between them by their dental records.