Sunday , Jun , 04 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Is Ben Wallace Leaving the Detroit Pistons?

It’s a possibility that the fans and press alike had openly considered all year, but with his season having ended prematurely, Ben Wallace has spoken about leaving the Pistons. While it’s obviously not smart to take his word at face value given what’s just gone down, it still has to be worrying to the folks in Detroit that the defensive cornerstone of their franchise may have gone to work with the Bad Boys for the final time.

As he gathered his stuff Saturday, Wallace said he pondered whether it would be his last duty as a Piston.

“It creeps into mind a little bit. But like I say, it’s just a matter of going out, taking care of business, do what I got to do and try to make the best of the situation. It creeps in a little bit.”

Is Ben Wallace Leaving the Detroit Pistons?

You could be forgiven for reading such quotes and thinking that Ben’s as good as gone. What you should remember, however, is that he recently signed with the notorious Arn Tellem, who would obviously rather Wallace was with the team able to offer him the most money. Add the pressure from his agent to the thousands of phone calls and emails he’ll receive from fellow Pistons and their supporters, and it looks likely that he’ll crack and come back. Still, he’s not verbally committing to staying in Detroit right now.
"Nothing in this league is automatic,” Wallace said last week in Miami when asked about his pending free agency. "I was never supposed to leave Washington. I was supposed to retire in Orlando.

"Strange things happen. It’s not automatic [that he will re-sign in Detroit]. You just never know what might happen.”

As is mentioned in the article linked above, there are only a handful of teams with the cash to bring him to town, meaning that a sign-and-trade deal may be on the cards. I doubt any potential suitors will have called after Ben while he’s in his fragile state, but I’d expect the rumours to start flowing fairly early in the summer.

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