Monday , Jun , 05 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Nazr Mohammed Linked to the Chicago Bulls

Like Ben Wallace, Nasty Naz is now recovering from a season that ended too soon and considering his options for next year. Also like Big Ben, he’s said to be leaning towards an exit from his current club, with several recent reports claiming that Nazr Mohammed may be leaving the Spurs. While the rumours don’t seem to have any factual backing as yet, the majority of what’s printed in the Chicago Sun-Times is on-point, so this can be seen as more than mere hearsay.

Nazr Mohammed reportedly has turned down a four-year contract extension from the San Antonio Spurs and appears ready to leave the team via free agency. There’s a strong possibility Mohammed, a 6-10 center, will end up with the Bulls.

Interesting? Yes. Informative? Only a little. Still, it’s fun to speculate, and the thought of Nasty Naz moving to Chi-Town sounds saner than anything Isiah Thomas has said this millennium. However, there’s also talk of him replacing Drew Gooden, who’s rumoured to be on his way out of Cleveland whether he likes it or not.

Nazr Mohammed Linked to the Chicago Bulls

Another player of this type is Nazr Mohammed, an unrestricted free agent from the San Antonio Spurs. Ferry played and worked for the Spurs before coming to the Cavs, and knows Mohammed well. It’s a safe guess that Mohammed is a player the Cavs will consider if they end up moving Gooden.

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