Thursday , Jun , 08 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Dallas Mavericks Talk

If you haven’t caught the corresponding article for the Miami Heat, check that out here first. Otherwise, read on for some selected quotes from the Dallas Mavericks on the upcoming finals series.

Avery Johnson

“It’s not too exciting when you’ve got a 350-pound centre who’s going to be entertaining our city, and another MVP-calibre player, and a supporting cast that’s playing well. Should that be exciting for me? I’ve been watching them on film for sixteen hours a day, and the more I watch, the worse of a mood I get in.”

“’I don’t like it as much as some other people. But I think it’s a tool that at the right time should be used.” – on the Hack-a-Shaq tactic

The Dallas Mavericks Talk

Mark Cuban
“I’m going to be wearing a suit and some masking tape across my mouth. No, [that’s] like going to the Playboy Mansion with eye patches on both eyes.” – on whether he’ll keep quiet during the finals
“They weren’t going to trade him to the Western Conference. It was something we certainly tried to do. Our concept was, we had a lot of last-year players and draft picks. We tried to sell them on the perspective of maybe you have a down year, but then a couple of years out, you have a ton of cap room. They weren’t buying it. Their response was ‘There is nothing on your roster we want.’ Period. End of story. It was about a two-minute conversation.” – on trading for Shaq
Del Harris
“If Shaq never plays another game, he doesn’t need to do anything to have a legacy. He has already established himself as the best all-around big man in the game, if you take in every factor.”
“But let’s face it, Shaq has dominated his era like no other player in his era has. The other centres actually shared that in general with one another. Russell and Wilt, for example. There’s not been anybody like Shaq with him. Plus, he made two movies and a rap album”
Josh Howard
“For the most part, I would say so, just by looking at the stats throughout the season. Not to take anything away from them, but they have a couple of guys who really aren’t good free-throw shooters. We’re going to try to exploit every option we have, and that’s one of them.” – on whether the Mavericks have the advantage coming into the series
Jerry Stackhouse
“We have size and experience that Shaq hasn’t seen in the playoffs so far. Take nothing away from Ben Wallace – he’s a good friend of mine and probably the best defender in the league – but against Shaq, he’s undersized. With Dampier, we’ve got size as well as that same experience.”
“Did we think we had to compete and we’d have a chance for it. Yes? But the realization of actually getting to the finals and actually winning it is just coming true right now.”