Friday , Jun , 09 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Rafael Araujo Traded to Utah Jazz

If terrible NBA management were contagious, I’d suggest that Isiah Thomas had recently swung through Utah and Toronto and breathed all over their team offices. For those of you who haven’t yet heard the astounding news, it was announced today that Rafael Araujo of the Toronto Raptors was traded for Kris Humphries and Robert Whaley of the Utah Jazz.

The Jazz traded forward Kris Humphries and rarely used center Robert Whaley to the Toronto Raptors for Araujo and cash on Thursday.

The deal was basically an exchange of two former first-round picks from the 2004 draft that so far have not panned out in the NBA.

Rafael Araujo Traded to Utah Jazz

I have two questions, and I sincerely hope that there aren’t answers for either of them.
1. Why on earth would you ever trade two players for Rafael f*cking Araujo? (I’ve heard it so often that I’m almost certain “f*cking” is, in fact, his middle name.)
2. Why would you ever trade for Kris Humphries and Robert Whaley? (“Who?” Exactly.)
While the general managers of both franchises are apparently using their team’s funds on less-than-legal substances, Hoffa seems to be waking up to reality.
"One day fans boo you. Another day fans cheer you," he said. "I think that’s part of sports."

Unfortunately for you, Raf, it’s going to be a fairly major part. Good luck in Utah, player. At least your boys from BYU can help dilute the hatred.