Saturday , Jun , 10 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Bonzi Wells Wanted by Detroit Pistons

Following a postseason that turned out to be about as successful as Kobe’s attempts at rapping, it’s no shock that the Bad Boys are looking to upgrade. While re-signing Ben Wallace is obviously their top priority, the word on the street is that Bonzi Wells may also be with the Detroit Pistons next season. The rumour is nothing more than a series of speculative articles based on “insider” reports right now, but until I’ve heard a formal denial from Joe Dumars, I’m not going to assume anything.

How about Bonzi Wells, Grant Hill and Jalen Rose?

Dumars can’t speak about Hill and Rose because they are under contract with their respective teams. Wells, originally drafted by the Pistons, is a free agent.

Moles say Wells is the most likely to sign. Wells appeared ticketed for Auburn Hills last offseason. Many expected Memphis would buy him out of the last year of his contract. Instead, he was traded to Sacramento.

Bonzi Wells Wanted by Detroit Pistons

Despite the negative press he’s received over the years, I think Bonzi would be a decent addition to the Pistons. It’s already been shown that he’s capable of getting his without requiring a central role in the offence, and his rebounding (nearly eight per game last season) would make Detroit even stronger in the middle. What’s more, the last time the Pistons acquired an unpredictable former Trailblazer, it ended in a chip.

The real issue is whether or not they’ll want to shell out the sort of money Wells will be demanding after his monster performance in Sacramento’s first-round loss to the Spurs. As a thirty-year-old with modest career numbers, he’s hardly in line for a maximum contract, but the Pistons still may decide that their cash could be better spent on a young, low-risk player. Whether or not he ends up in Michigan, however, Gawen (Bonzi’s real first name, if you didn’t know) won’t have much trouble finding someone who’ll throw some big paper his way.