Wednesday , Jul , 26 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

George Karl Likes Keith Van Horn

Please know this: It took every ounce of strength I have not to entitle this post “George Karl Likes Crack”. I spend, I’d estimate, a good six to seven percent of my waking hours making jokes about the man known as “Van Heezy” (to nobody), so the news that someone would be interested in hiring him as anything other than a whiteboard makes me want to dropkick a kitten.
Inveterate dickhead George Karl, however, is apparently fond of Keith Van Horn, meaning that there’s a chance he may end up with the Denver Nuggets next season. Ignorance follows.
"George asked me about (Van Horn) at his daughter’s wedding," said Majerus, who attended the July 15 event. "He definitely likes him. He’s always liked Keith."
"I think everybody knows they need shooters, and he’s a shooter," Majerus said. "I think he would be a plus for the Nuggets."
"He spaces the court," Karl said last week about what Van Horn could bring to the new attack.
Still, it’s not all bad news. Selective quoting can almost spin the story positively for KVH haters.
Van Horn will take a huge pay cut…

That’s what I like to hear.

George Karl Likes Keith Van HornCYE