Wednesday , Jul , 26 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Terry Signs New Deal with Dallas Mavericks

Today, he of the double-width headband (or tiny forehead), Jason Terry, took himself off the market by signing a six-year, fifty-million-dollar contract with the Dallas Mavericks. With Mark Cuban apparently making no attempt at bringing in new players, it seems as if they’re expecting to take the chip with their current core. Still, Jet seems happy to be sticking with The Avery Bunch.
“It means a lot to me – the commitment that the Mavs have shown to me and the support they’ve shown me all year long,” said Terry, who spent five seasons with the Atlanta Hawks. “For me, personally (coming to the Mavs) I knew it was an opportunity to play on a winning team and to finally get to the playoffs where I could showcase my skill level.
“For me, it’s a no-brainer,” Terry said. “I’m at the prime of my career, so getting a long-term deal now was the No. 1 priority.”

Translation: Nobody will ever think of giving me this much money again.

Jason Terry Signs New Deal with Dallas MavericksCYE