Monday , Nov , 13 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Isiah Thomas Is a Free Man

Isiah Thomas Is a Free Man

After threatening to do to Bruce Bowen what so many have dreamed of, Isiah Thomas is apparently not going to be disciplined by the league. Word from those courtside during the game is that Zeke and Greg Popovich spent half the evening cussing one another out, only to kiss and make up afterwards. Over to Frank Isola of the NY Daily News for more on the story.

Bowen accused Thomas of threatening him during the game, saying the coach said he would "break his neck." Thomas became upset because he felt Bowen was intentionally sticking his foot under Jamal Crawford as the Knick guard was leaving his feet to take a jump shot, a tactic that Bowen has been accused of by Vince Carter and Ray Allen.

You know why Isiah thinks Bruce was doing that? Because he was. At first I refused to believe that anyone would intentionally jeopardise another player’s livelihood with such a cheap play, but I’ve seen him do it far too often now to attribute it to coincidence. Of course, Bowen would claim that he’s simply boxing out, and that it’s just “bad luck” that so many guys come down and roll their feet. Nope. It’s unfortunate when it happens once. It’s bad luck when it happens twice. When it happens five-plus times, it’s dirty.

You can check the technique if you don’t believe me. I’ve been balling since way back when, and never once has a coach taught me to close my man out by covering him diagonally and putting one foot directly underneath him. Even if that really is how Bruce learned to do it and every sprained ankle he’s caused really has been an unhappy accident, you’d think he’d have switched it up at some point to save both rebounds and ankles.

Thomas didn’t get quite so technical in his discussion of matters as I have, however. If you’re reading this out to a child right now, I advise you to scan ahead so as not to inadvertently teach them any new words.

Thomas also shouted to his players that the "next time he does that, break his fucking foot."

"I’d beat the shit out of somebody," Thomas said Friday. "Really, I would fucking murder them…There’s certain things you don’t do." 

Naturally, Tim Duncan was the voice of reason amidst the heated exchanges.

"It’s a bad situation when a coach puts himself in that position and goes after a player," Duncan said on Saturday. "It’s very uncalled for. I don’t know what his intentions were with that and we have bigger plans than trying to hurt somebody."

Hold up: “bigger plans”? Are they scheming to dig a tunnel to the opposing team’s locker room so that Beno Udrih can piss in their Gatorade before every game? You’re on watch, Duncan.

Check out the plays in question in the clip below, and let us know if you think Bruce Bowen has ever intentionally injured an opposing player.