Tuesday , Nov , 14 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Isiah Thomas: I Told Them to Break His Foot

Isiah Thomas: I Told Them to Break His Foot

Please know this before we start: I don’t watch soap operas. I have never followed a reality television show. I basically hate people and would find it difficult to care less about what so-called “celebrities” get up to when they’re not doing what it is that made them famous. For some reason, though, this whole storyline has me hooked on human drama like a teenage girl on that show about the Californian stereotype kids (“The O.D.”?).

Those of you unfamiliar with the Bowen-Thomas-Popovich-Jackson affair (as nobody is calling it) can read my coverage of it right here. Today, in reaction to the numerous reports that he basically threatened to break Bruce Bowen’s neck, Isiah Thomas has issued one of the greatest denials in history. Check this out.

Bowen told a San Antonio newspaper he heard Thomas yell to break his neck.

"That’s not true," Thomas said. "I said the next time he goes up, stick your foot underneath his like he sticks his under yours and see how he feels if his foot is broken."

Before facing the Cavaliers last night, Thomas said he did not regret seeing the replays of his verbal attack on Bowen and his yelling to his players, "Next time he does that to you, break his [bleeping] foot."

So, just to get the facts in order, you didn’t want to break his neck, but you were more than happy to fuck his foot up? Splendid. If that reads like sarcasm, I apologise; in all honesty, I believe it would be nothing but just if Bruce Bowen rolled his ankle after someone denied him his landing space. I’m not saying that he means to injure his opponents (although I did yesterday), but he deserves to be paid back for what has been shown time and again to be a dangerous tactic.

After admitting that you’d like to see an opposing team’s player have his foot broken, it’s only natural to be worried that people think you’re a little crazy. It’s for this reason that Isiah took a moment to qualify his previous statements.

"I do know this – if we were playing in a park, I don’t think he’d stick his foot under anybody’s shot in the park," Thomas said.

Translation: “I’m not nutty; I’m gangsta.”