Thursday , Nov , 16 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Kenyon Martin Done for the Year

Kenyon Martin Done for the Year

I won’t feign surprise at this report, but it’s still disappointing to see a player go down for the year. The news from Denver is that, having previously had a projected rehabilitation period of between six and eight weeks, Kenyon Martin will be out for the rest of the season following an arthroscopic procedure on his right knee.

Martin played the first two games this season before cartilage damage was found in his right knee. Martin had been told he would miss six to eight weeks, and Karl was even more optimistic.

Martin underwent surgery Wednesday, and significant damage was found in the knee, more than a magnetic resonance imaging exam previously had revealed.

It’s a shame to think that, with some believing Amaré may never recapture his form, we could be losing another of the league’s beasts to brittle knees. Coming out of college looking like the sort of dude who ate cheerleaders as a pre-game snack, K-Mart seems to have lost his swagger lately, and another protracted recovery process isn’t going to do anything for him.

The Nuggets, at least, have a brace of burly bigs in reserve, although with Nenê rocking Kevlar knee supports and Marcus Camby’s bones having the integral strength of damp chalk, they might want to seek more support up front. My recommendation? Shawn Kemp. You know, just for jokes. Plus, they could give the impression of being at capacity every night by filling the spare seats with his kids.