Saturday , Mar , 24 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Defending Kobe’s Latest Scoring Spree

In this post, Oly examines why Kobe Bryant will always be a complicated and controversial figure.

Defending Kobe's Latest Scoring Spree

The Take: Don’t Judge Kobe’s Latest Scoring Spree!

He’s damned if he scores in bunches. And he’s damned if he facilitates the offense, pass-first, Dick Vitale style.

 Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.  This is the problem facing Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers All-World superstar.

Bryant’s always going to be judged-and never meekly. Everybody loves going Simon Cowell on this guy. He’s judged by all media: TV cats, print writers, and radio broadcasters. He’s judged by every type of basketball fan: casual and die-hard. And he’s even judged by the non-basketball watching public, who only recognize his name from the World Wars with Shaq and his rape case.

Here’s the thing with Kobe: he’s big. But he’s different than MJ big. And he’s different than Shaq, LeBron, or Wade big. Kobe Bean is big because he polarizes basketball fans and society in a way few athletes or people ever do. Kobe polarizes like ‘W’. Heck, Kobe polarizes like the Yankees, Manchester United, and G-Unit all rolled into one. There’s no in-between. There’s no half way. Nothing. You either hate him or love him.

His last few games have been overshadowed by this polarizing thing. I mean 65, 50, and 60 points scored-out of necessity to help his team win. Not for individual glory like the past, but to simply help the Lakers win.

But the hottest topic amongst fans is Kobe’s so-called selfishness. What a shame-a damn shame, indeed.

He’s no longer about ‘getting his’. And he’s no longer treating the Triple-Post offense as his personal all-you-can-eat smorgasbord for shot attempts. But it doesn’t matter when you polarize. Welcome to the world of Kobe Bryant. Welcome to the world of getting criticized no matter what you do. And welcome to Kobe’s perpetual dilemma and never-ending struggle.

Last Night’s Hi-Flying Highlight: Anything involving Los Angeles’ #24 against Memphis. You pick.

Worth Watching: Kobe Bryant, of course. Can half-Italy, half-illadelph life score fifty or more for the forth straight game? We’ll see because tonight the Lakers take on the Hornets.

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