Thursday , Mar , 29 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Francis No Longer ‘The Franchise’

Steve Francis has blinders on. He refuses to accept that ‘The Franchise’ is no more, replaced by ‘The Role Player.’

His teams have never advanced past the first round of the playoffs. He creates controversy. And his numbers are on the decline.

But Francis lives in a time warp, believing he’s still entitled to two perks of NBA superstardom: unlimited minutes and never-ending shot attempts.

His warped sense of entitlement has led to a public dispute with Isiah Thomas, the New York Knicks controversial coach. He still earns superstar bank, pulling in 15 million dollars per season.

Ironically, Francis’ salary makes the trade he so desperately covets impossible. No team will touch his fat contract and the Knicks are reluctant to buy him out.

For now, Francis will remain frustrated, refusing to take off his blinders, refusing to see the obvious, and not caring that his team is slipping out of the playoff race.