Thursday , Mar , 29 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Dallas Interested In Old Man Kevin Willis

Why would the league-leading Dallas Mavericks have interest in a 44 year old center? And if Kevin Willis returns, then who else could be scheming on a comeback?

Websites are reporting that the Dallas Mavericks will bring in Kevin Willis for a tryout.

Okay, back in the day, Willis was a physical specimen. He once commanded double teams from opposing defenses. He always respected the game. And he accepted his role as a practice player for San Antonio when they won the NBA Title in 2003.

Willis deserves respect. He could still contribute as a practice player.

Games are a different story. Willis is 44. That’s 3 years older than the age listed on Dikembe Mutombo’s birth certificate. The other day Willis was on TV as part of {The NBA’s Greatest Games}. He played in the epic 1988 postseason series between the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics. That’s almost 20 years ago.

If Willis pulls a Rocky and signs with the Mavericks, then the flood gates are open for all retired posts to consider a comeback.

After hearing about Willis, these five are probably scheming on a comeback right now:

1) Michael Cage-Bring back the Jerry curl.

2) Benoit Benjamin-If your first 14 years don’t succeed, try again.

3) James Edwards-‘The Buddha’ could serve as a team’s spiritual mentor.

4) Larry Nance-He could still pack it on fools.

5) Charles Barkley-Did you see his race against Dick Bevita?