Saturday , Mar , 31 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

HoopsVibe and Oly Sandor Present: The Blog

After years of the free-lance hustle, Oly Sandor has signed a ‘max’ contract to bring his cutting-edge NBA analysis to, the hottest basketball website in the game.

Here are the details:  
  • Hoopsvibe agrees to pay Oly the maximum money available under the salary cap. This works out to 84 million dollars over the next 6 years.
  • Hoopsvibe agrees to provide Oly with a mansion on Miami’s Star Island. Oly’s new neighbors include Shaquille O’Neal, Anna Kournikova, and Gloria Estefan.
  • Hoopsvibe agrees to supply Oly with a lifetime supply of blue M&Ms. Remember, Oly only eats the blue ones.
  • Hoopsvibe agrees to hook Oly up with Eva Mendes’ home phone number. Not her cell number, but her actual home phone number.  
  • Finally, Hoopsvibe agrees to let Oly refer to himself in the third person.
This could be a slight exaggeration. But a man can dream, especially on Eva’s digits. 

There’s been significant interest surrounding my recent posts on Here’s the deal: and I are combining forces to hit you with the tightest NBA blog.

This will not be the typical blog that recycles the same old opinions.  

We are committed to making this the best NBA blog on-line. We’ll cover the hottest issues. We’ll cover the biggest stories. We’ll cover the things you want to read about. And we’ll always do it in a way that’s fresh and innovative.

Satisfy your daily NBA fix through reading hoopsvibe’s official blog, so bookmark Feel free to email me anytime at [email protected]