Monday , Apr , 02 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Sidney Lowe Jr. Someone Different In Vancouver

Many years ago, I was playing pickup at a well-known run in Vancouver, Canada. A skinny kid with a familiar smile and recognizable eyes showed up. He was new to the area and had just enrolled at a local high school.

There was a buzz about this kid, something different. Then the word dropped: he was the son of Sidney Lowe, the current sideline boss for the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Sidney Lowe Jr. was a quiet kid with an excellent, son-of-a-coach style game. He moved well and made excellent decisions as a lead guard-exactly like his father who starred at North Carolina State and went on to spend six season in the NBA.

He also kicked my team’s ass. But Lowe Jr. never talked trash or showed us up, so we accepted our fate as losers and left the court for the next team.

I never saw Sid Lowe Jr. again, until last week. The coach’s son was charged with a number of crimes in the state of North Carolina. If convicted, he’s looking at serious jail time.

(Here’s the link)

All I saw was a decent kid with a Division-1 caliber game. That’s why last week’s accusations were so surprising. And that’s why last week’s accusations were so sad.

Hopefully, this is a mistake. And someday his smile will return.