Thursday , Apr , 05 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Garnett Discusses Losing And His Future

Garnett Discusses Losing And His Future

Kevin Garnett didn’t cry like his last interview with John Thompson. He did, however, discuss his state of mind and future in an exclusive chat with ESPN’s Marc Stein.

Two main points came out of this interview. First, Garnett is extremely frustrated with the Wolves missing out on the playoffs for the third straight year. Second, he expects major changes in Minnesota and is unsure of his future with the franchise.

The Big Ticket also promised to give his full effort for the rest of the season.

Garnett deserves credit for being such a professional. He could have sulked. He could have pulled a Vince Carter and floated through games. He could have demanded a trade to a contender. He could have blamed his teammates and management.

Garnett did nothing of the sort. Through all the controversy, he’s remained loyal to his team and the game. That loyalty is why we love him. But it could also prevent him from winning an NBA Title.