Thursday , Apr , 05 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Reaction To Arenas’ Injury

The Hibachi is out of service and will not be making a playoff appearance. And with Gilbert Arenas sidelined for 2-3 months due to a knee injury, the Washington Wizards won’t be making much of a playoff appearance, either.

This is a devastating blow for the Wizards’ franchise. Sure, Arenas is their high scorer. But he’s also their end-of-game closer, the guy who wants the ball in pressure situations.

 Who can forget his series winning shot against the Bulls in the 2005 playoffs? Last year, he engaged LeBron James in a legendary playoff duel that’s destined for ESPN Classic Television.

With Agent Zero out, the Wizards aren’t likely to make much noise in the post season.

Here’s some reaction to the news of Arenas’ injury:

Gilbert Arenas, himself, describing how the injury happened to [>]

"One minute and 50 seconds later, I got hit. It was one of those freak accidents. It’s not one of them career-ending injuries. Mostly it was just a cleanup. I didn’t tear anything, it’s mostly stretched so that was good news.”

Eddie Jordan, Washington’s coach, [describing to reporters how his team will adjust:->]

“It is an unfortunate incident, and as players in the NBA, and as coaches in the NBA, you have to be prepared for something like this at times. I think we are prepared. We have 12 guys ready to play because of the injuries to Gilbert, Caron and Andray (Blatche). We are going to tweak some things to feature some of our strengths, and we just have to defend a little bit better, and we will move forward.”

[Marty Burns, analyst for>]

“Gilbert Arenas’ knee injury is more than a devastating blow to the Wizards. It’s a loss for NBA fans everywhere. Without Agent Zero on the court (he’s expected to miss two to three months), the upcoming playoffs won’t be nearly as much fun.”

[Sean Deveney, analyst for>]

"He’ll be out for two or three months. If the Wizards reach the Finals, we may see Gil again this year. But you almost have as good a chance of seeing the Wizards in the NHL Finals as the NBA Finals.