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NBA Wrap-Up For April 05, 2007: Arenas’ Injury, Suns vs Spurs, and To Play Or Sit D-Wade

{{The NBA Wrap-up for Thursday April 05, 2007.

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 {{Your Big 3 New Stories}}

{{ 1) Gilbert Arenas blows out his knee}}

  Gilbert ‘Agent Zero’ Arenas will be missing in action for the Washington Wizards. Yesterday, the Wiz’s worst fears came true when an MRI revealed that Arenas stretched a ligament in his left knee and would need surgery.

The Hibachi is out for 2-3 months, his season is over. Here’s some reaction from NBA players, coaches, and analysts:

Gilbert [Arenas on being at the hospital:->]

“I’m good. I made everyone laugh today at the hospital.They enjoyed my company. Just telling jokes, you know. They did a great job. We had fun today. I actually got the surgery done today.I don’t know what it felt like. See, that’s the good part: I was KNOCKED OUT! I don’t know what they did, but that was the best sleep I got in … wooooo … a long time. I woke up well rested. I did a MRI early today at about 7:45 a.m. and I just left. So I was there about seven or eight hours.”

Washington forward [Antawn Jamison on Arenas’ injury:->]

“We knew he would not be back tomorrow or Saturday. We thought it was a possibility for playoffs, but now he is done for the season. The identity and the make up of the team will be different. We go from a scoring team to a team that is really going to use the clock and do a lot of simple things and take advantage of what we have.”

"We are going to stay positive. We have a guy that has won a NBA Championship (Antonio Daniels) that is going to be directing the team. We have guys that have been successful before, and it is time for them to step up. It is always tough when you lose your best player, and we lost another All-Star in Caron, but it is basketball and no one is feeling sorry for us. We are going to feel like no matter who we play we have the opportunity to win. We have some talented guys that can go out there and get it done.”

Washington guard [Deshawn Stevenson on Arenas’ injury:->]

“It is tough going on without Gilbert, but people need to step up and we will have to try different things in order to continue to be successful. Losing his attitude and the things he does on the court will be tough, but I am going to go out there and share the ball and play solid defense.”

Personally, I think Stevenson’s glad Arenas won’t be around to take any more of his money in shooting practice. Yeah, you’ve seen the [youtube tape->]. I love all the things Gil does to distract D-Stevenson.

Miami Coach Pat Riley:

 “That team had a chance to contend, and to lose their most crucial guy at the most pivotal time … it really destroys the whole season, everything they did.”

Tony Mejia, [CBS Sports Analyst:->]

“Although it is still possible that Washington loses the remainder of its games, that’s not going to happen. The Wizards will make the playoffs. There are too many big hearts on that team, and Eddie Jordan is too good a coach not to find a way to win at least two of their last eight, which should be good enough to guarantee themselves the No. 6 seed. “

“That’s when the shadows will seep in, and their hopes will go dim. Without Arenas and Butler, Washington can’t hope to compete against whichever team claims the No. 3 seed, be it Miami or Toronto.”

Oly Sandor, Hoopsvibe NBA analyst:

 “Without Arenas, the Wizards will change their identity, becoming a defensive team that slows the tempo and wears down opponents. Look for Jamison to shift from the four-spot to the wing. This means additional minutes for Darius Songalia and Etan Thomas at the four-spot.”

“Antonio Daniels, Agent Zero’s replacement at the 1-guard spot, is a true pro. He’ll get his teammates involved and knock down the open shot. Daniels has loads of experience; winning an NBA Title in San Antonio and helping Seattle enjoy playoff success in 2005.”

 "Still, this is a devastating blow for the Washington franchise. Someone has put a serious voodoo curse on this team.”

{{ 2) Phoenix vs. San Antonio}}

Last night, the Spurs beat the Suns in a close, low scoring game on TNT. Charles, Kenny, and Ernie were the best thing about the evening. This game was just a tad dull-I’m convinced San Antonio star Tim Duncan is a robot. He’s straight C3P0.

The [San Antonio Express News->] provides a great recap of the game.

Oly Sandor, Hoopsvibe NBA analyst:

 “The Spurs controlled the tempo. Phoenix scored just 8 fast break points. That’s the key to beating the Suns-controlling tempo. That’s something Dallas failed to do last Sunday against Phoenix. I really think San Antonio is right there with the Suns and Mavericks.”

{{3) To play or sit D-Wade}}

Dwayne Wade has been out of the Miami line-up for several weeks with a shoulder injury. He’s close to returning and has been practicing with the team. Personally, I’m sick of watching the Flash practice tapes on NBATV and speculating on what it means.

But there’s a split on when Wade should return to the Heat lineup.

 Some, like Marty Burns at [>], believe there’s no reason to rush him back from a serious injury for home court advantage. They feel Miami would be better off resting their star until the playoffs.

Others, like [Ric Bucher at>], believe the Heat need to consider getting Wade back in the lineup:

“This is sort of a two-pronged situation. They obviously are playing for that division title, which gives them a top seed. This gives them home court advantage for a certain period of time. But also they need to get him back in the mix because as well as they have played they need to get their synchronicity together.”

 Oly Sandor, Hoopsvibe NBA analyst:

“If he’s healthy, Wade should play so he can get familiar with his teammates. A new Heat team has evolved since Flash’s injury. They score less, but play better defense. This grind-it-out formula has worked, helping them post a 13-8 record. Home court advantage is one thing. But Wade needs to come back because he must re-adjust to playing with his teammates.”

{{Worth You Noting:}}

 -Speaking of Miami,[the Heat clinched a playoff spot->] by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 94-90. So we should see D-Wade at some point this season.

-More news coming from the lovely state of Florida. [Billy Donovan will be back as coach of the Gators->]. He turned down truck loads of money from the NBA and Kentucky.

 -Speaking of the draft, [MSNBC’s Sam Smith-> ] believes Greg Oden will be the first pick in July. Smith thinks every NBA team will select Oden over the high-flying Kevin Durant.

 -Keving Garnett and Dwight Howard got beef? [Check it out for yourself->].

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