Friday , Apr , 06 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Take: The Nets Should Cut Ties With Carter

I’m sipping my AM coffee. It’s a lovely morning. Sun is out. Birds are chirping. You know the deal.

Then, I saw some shocking news.

The New Jersey Nets are [considering offering Vince Carter a 3 year deal worth 45 million dollars.->] That’s right. If Vince opts out of his current deal, the Nets could ‘reward’ him with a large contract. 

[What?->] Coffee came spewing out of my mouth. Suddenly, the sun didn’t seem so nice. The chirping of the birds hurt my eardrums. My morning was ruined.

Carter certainly has talent. No dispute there. He can fill up a stat sheet with points, rebounds, and dimes. His hi-flying antics are a pleasure to watch.

What has he won? What has he achieved in the playoffs?

I’m not putting the Nets’ playoff failures all on Carter. That’s not right. Basketball is a team game. And he’s performed at a high level.

But it’s absolutely fair to put some of the blame on Carter. He’s the Nets’ big dawg. He’s their go-to-guy. He hasn’t got it done. Star players get the credit and blame. Fair or unfair, that’s the world of pro sports.

With Carter, the Nets will always be stuck right in the middle. Stuck in NBA mediocrity. He’ll always do just enough to make fans oh- and-ah. Like something at the circus.

Carter will never do the little things that win games. The dirty work. He’s just not that committed of a player.

If the Nets want to win, they should rebuild around Richard Jefferson. Cut ties with Carter in a summertime sign-and-trade. Charlotte has cap room. Orlando could be a possibility with Grant Hill’s contract coming off the books.

Get some prospects. Get some picks. Draft wisely and spend wisely.

Signing Carter to a lucrative extension condemns New Jersey to further mediocrity. Mediocrity is something I can’t stand. It bothers me. Just like shocking news that ruins my AM coffee.