Friday , Apr , 06 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Take: Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard Got Beef?

Beef is never a good thing. Back in the day, Caesar and Brutus got it on. In the mid nineties, there was Pac and Biggie. [Jay-Z recently spoke out on his beef with Dame Dash in the song ‘Lost Ones.’->]

These beefs, while unfortunate, have and continue to captivate us. We recognize it. We understand it. We know the parties involved. We know their story.

With this is mind, I have no idea what to make of the supposed beef that’s brewing between NBA stars Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett. No idea.

They’ve tussled numerous times during games. There’s been on-court trash talk. Some technical fouls called. But this seemed like nothing more than two posts competing against each other in the heat of battle.

After a recent game between the Magic and Wolves, [Garnett took a not so subtle dig at Howard:->]

"Now you’re going to see what kind of player Dwight wants to be and if he evolves his game into other aspects. We’ll see if he starts to attack defenses differently and if he does his homework. . . . There are ways that you can make everyone else around you better and at the same time make yourself better. But he has to do his homework to evolve his game."

The first shot had been fired. NBA fans were surprised by KG’s comments; the league was buzzing.Then they thought about a simple question: how would Howard respond?

The answer: he’ll probably just quote {[The Lion King->]} . D-Ho publicly admits to watching the children’s cartoon and being down with Disney.

Again, I don’t understand this thing. It’s almost comical. I hope it blows over because beef is unnecessary.