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Breaking News: Kevin Durant Apparently Declaring For NBA

I’m just waking up in the mid AM. I strut to the laptop and make the NBA rounds, surfing sites for info.

Nothing major is going down. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Then it hits: Kevin Durant is heading for the NBA.

Kevin Durant, the NCAA player of the year and freshman prime-timer for Texas, has apparently made his intentions known. The lanky swingman wants in. He wants his shot at LeBron, Kobe, and D-Wade. He’s NBA bound.

My colleague at hoopsvibe, Lance Walton, is on it with a hot breakdown.

“As the best player in college basketball, scoring 25 pts, 11 rbs, 1 ast, 1 stl, and 1blk a game in his first season and wowed the nation with his amazing play,” writes Walton. “At 6’10 225 pounds, playing both forward spots, he has been compared to Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki at his best and Rashard Lewis at his worse.”

We know Durant’s highly talented. That’s a given. But I decided to look at how Durant would fit with some of the NBA’s worst teams:

{{Memphis (19-58)}}: The Grizzlies could rebuild on the fly with Durant. He would fit well with Pau Gasol.

{{Boston (23-52)}}: The Celtics would have to balance Durant with Paul Pierce. Still, Boston would be loaded with young prospects. Imagine in five years: Durant and Gerald Green at the guard and small forward spots.

{{Milwaukee (26-49)}}: The Bucks need a wing. Durant would work well with Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd.

{{Atlanta (28-48)}}: The Hawks are close to being competitive. But is there room for Durant? How’s Marvin Williams doing?

{{Charlotte (30-47)}}: This would be the perfect spot for Durant. The Bobcats need a scorer. They also need someone to sell tickets.

{{Philadelphia (30-45)}}: Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant. That’s an explosive combo.

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