Monday , Apr , 09 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Take: No Surprise Durant Going With Respected Agent

You’ve heard the story: star athlete turns pro and hires some unqualified, back in the day associate as his agent. Things go bad. The athlete signs a whack contract and is left with very little.

I saw it with Ricky Williams and Master P in New Orleans. I saw it with Vince Carter’s first agent Tank Black. I saw it this summer when Bonzi Wells turned down Sacramento’s 36 million dollar offer and signed with Houston for 5 million dollars.

That’s why I was relieved to hear signed with respected agent Aaron Goodwin. But this was no surprise. It simply confirms what we already suspected-that Durant is wise beyond his years.

I watched Durant all year, waiting for this eighteen year old to crack. There was so much hype. The media hounded him. Fans adored him. And his play never wavered from spectacular, making a football crazy state fall in love with him.

But he never cracked under the camera’s glare, not once. With the world watching, looking for a slip, Durant went about his business in a professional manner. He never seemed uncomfortable or troubled by the pressure. He always made the right choice.

I was relieved to hear Durant picked a professional agent like Goodwin. But based on what we know about him, I wasn’t surprised.

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