Wednesday , Apr , 11 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Rosie Perez’s Words Could Help The Wizards

“Sometimes when you win, you actually lose and sometimes when you lose, you actually win. And sometimes when you win and lose, you actually tie.” –Rosie Perez, White Men Can’t Jump.

I’ll never forget Rosie Perez busting that line on Woody Harrelson at the end of White Men Can’t Jump. She was sexy. Not just because of her curvy figure and beautiful smile, but because she spoke the truth.

Fifteen years later, her words are completely valid. Consider last night’s game between the and . The Wiz lost the match, their fifth in a row, but still qualified for the playoffs because Indiana lost.

I can see Rosy brushing back her hair, rolling her eyes, and telling Antawn Jamison and the entire Washington franchise that: “sometimes when you lose the basketball game to New Jersey, you actually win by getting in the playoffs.”

I know Eddie Jordan, the Wizards’ coach, agrees. He’s probably bouncing around his office, yelling: “Amen Rosie.”

Okay, so R-Perez wasn’t in DC, dropping her part Brooklyn, part Puerto Rican advice on the Wiz. But, right now, Washington has to take whatever positive news they can get. After all, this franchise is reeling from the injuries to and .

I hear the players, coaches, and management mutter to the press about adjusting and compensating. This is unrealistic. I can’t see Antonio Daniels adjusting his game and becoming Agent Zero. I can’t see Darius Songalia and Jarvis Hayes compensating for Butler’s toughness.

The Wizards better enjoy last night’s win, Rosie Perez style. It may be their final victory of the season.

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