Wednesday , Apr , 11 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Take: Wells Running Out Of Chances

I remember hearing stories about from his Blazer days. After all, I live six hours north of Portland, so word travels quickly up the left coast to Vancouver, Canada.

fans didn’t like him. Here’s how they described him: “Bonzi’s lazy, cancerous, temperamental, difficult, angry, harsh, moody, and just a general pain in what we all love about Jennifer Lopez.”

After several of Wells’ outbursts and incidents, the nice people of Oregon had endured enough. They needed their space, a buffer zone consisting of a few thousand miles, so they traded their small forward far, far away to Memphis, Tennessee.

Things went from bad to worse in Graceland. Mike Fratello, the Grizzlies’ coach, banned Wells from the arena for the entire playoffs. He was to have no contact with any part of the Memphis franchise. Last year, Sacramento gave Wells another chance.

Third times a charm, right? This has to work. The Kings are a tolerant franchise-they put up with Doug Christie’s wife for several years.

I was hoping for big things in Northern Cali. But Wells was often out of the lineup and completely overshadowed once joined the team in mid-season.

When playoffs hit, so did Bonzi. Sacramento was pitted up against San Antonio, the all everything team, featuring , , and .

Things finally clicked for Bonzi. All his talent, all his potential, it finally became a reality. Wells was the best player on the court. Even though the Kings’ lost in six games, he was dominant.

His timing was perfect. Wells became an unrestricted free agent after the series with the Spurs. He should have been in line for some serious coin.

That mega-contract never materialized. Teams were still weary of the past. He turned down his one legitimate offer from Sacramento for 38 million dollars. No other real offers were extended to Wells.

He inked a take-what-you-can-get deal with Houston for 2 years, 5 million dollars. This season hasn’t worked, either. Today, Wells was suspended by the Rockets for quitting on the team.

Sadly, this time, there are no more stories about Wells. Nobody cares. He’s run out of chances.