Friday , Apr , 13 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Take: Kobe Bryant A Clipper?

I could never see as a . In fact, it’s probably a sin to suggest Mr. purple-and-gold would ever play for L.A.’s other team.

Later tonight, I will say 7 Hail Mary’s to make up for my unholy thoughts.

But Michael Ventre, a writer for, recently committed the ultimate blasphemy. In a recent article, he argues that  Bryant should’ve signed with the Clippers when he was a free agent in July, 2004. He feels the Clippers, with Bryant, would now be an excellent team.

Mr. Ventre is a courageous fellow-a Joan of Arc for sportswriters. There may be merit to his argument. But once again, I could never see Kobe switching sides and trading the for the Clippers.

Here’s why:

1) Kobe wouldn’t trade the Lakers’ history as contenders for the Clippers’ history as also-rans.

2) Kobe wouldn’t trade Wilt, Kareem, and Magic straight-up for Benoit Benjamin, Stanley Roberts, and Pooh Richardson.

3) Kobe wouldn’t trade Zen-master Phil for Mike Dunleavy-or whoever coaches the Clippers.

4) Kobe wouldn’t trade Jerry Buss for Donald Sterling.

5) Kobe wouldn’t trade the Laker girls for the Clippers’ Spirit Team. For for the record, both look pretty good. You judge.

6) Kobe wouldn’t trade the Lakers’ Hollywood following for the Clippers’ reality T.V. following.

7) Kobe wouldn’t trade ABC Christmas games for games on tape delay.

L.A.’s basketball teams are only a few games apart in the standings. But they’re still worlds apart in terms of prestige. And that’s why, Mr. Ventre, Kobe Bryant could never be a Clipper.