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You vote, Head-to-Head: Nash or Nowitzki for MVP?

Who’s your MVP: Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, or someone else? Read the first in our Head-to-Head series and vote for your MVP in the comment box below. We’ll count your votes and announce the Hoopsvibe MVP.

Head-to-Head: The MVP race is too close to call.  is seen as the player who’s most valuable to his team. is the best player on the league’s best team.

Forget the experts; hoopsvibe wants our readers to decide the 2006-07 MVP.  We’ve laid out the case for Nash and Nowitzki. You read the evidence and post your vote in the comment box below.

Everybody has an opinion, so vote-even Diddy’s getting in on the action.

Candidate #1: Steve Nash. 2006-07 season averages: 19 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 11.5 assists per game.

Argument for Nash:
1) He is the Phoenix Suns. Without their point guard, the Suns lose their identity as a run-and-gun team.

2) He’s recognized as the NBA player who’s most valuable to his team. Quite simply, Nash makes all his teammates better.

3) He’s having his best ever statistical year. So, if Nash’s numbers are better than his MVP seasons, then he’s due for a three-peat.

4) He’s the Suns’ undisputed leader. Phoenix’s players and coaches look to Nash for guidance.

5) Nash’s Suns beat Dirk’s Mavs on March 14th and April 1st.

Argument against Nash:
1) He’s seen as a poor defender. The Suns often protect Nash by using Shawn Marion on the other team’s point guard.

2) He benefits from the system. Some feel Nash succeeds because Phoenix has the perfect system for his unique skills.

Candidate #2: Dirk Nowitzki. 2006-07 season averages: 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game.

Argument for Nowitzki:
1) He’s Dallas’ best player. And Dallas has the NBA’s best record.

2) He’s a better defender than Nash. Nowitzki, through hard work, has developed into an solid 1-on-1 defender, who can match-up with most power forwards.

3) He’s played through numerous injuries. Nowitzki has displayed courage, playing all season on two badly sprained ankles.

4) He’s finally become a leader. Nowitzki used to yell at teammates when they made a mistake. This no longer happens. Dirk’s improved his on-court demeanor.

Argument against Nowitzki:
1) Dallas could survive without him because of their defense. This means Nowitzki is one of the NBA’s best players, but not necessarily it’s most valuable player.

2) He lost twice to his best friend. Down the stretch, Nowitzki and the Mavericks dropped two games to Nash and the Suns.

The Winner: That’s up to you. Post your vote in the comment box below. will tally the votes and announce our MVP. Later this week, you can logon to for an opportunity to vote on the rest of the NBA awards.

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