Monday , Apr , 16 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Finally We Can Relate To Tim Duncan

I was shocked. Not by Joey Crawford, the hot-headed referee, ejecting from Sunday’s game, but by The Big Fundamental’s reaction.

Yes, his reaction. He did react. We all saw it. First, he laughed. Then he dropped some intensely foul language on Crawford after getting tossed.

This means one thing: Tim Duncan is human. He’s a real person.

We’ve never got to know Timmy-D. For over a decade, he’s shielded who he is from the media and fans.

Don’t get me wrong. Fans aren’t entitled to know about player’s private lives. And players, like Duncan, have every right to keep to themselves.

But damn, Duncan defines man of mystery. He’s permanently sporting a poker face, keeping everyone and everything on the outside.

I just think Duncan would benefit by occasionally showing fans some personality. His amazing accomplishments are slept on because the masses don’t know him and can’t relate to him.

But last night was good to see. Duncan reacted like a normal person. I thought his actions were justified. I could finally relate to him. I only wonder why it took ten years.

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