Saturday , Apr , 21 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Wolves can’t be bringing back McHale….

I think everyone can see it-everyone but the , of course.

Kevin McHale, the Wolves’ long-time GM, no longer possesses the ability to evaluate talent. Basically, he’s lost his touch for the game, overpaying very marginal players and drafting poorly.

But this isn’t breaking news. McHale’s been awful for a while. He failed to replace and Latrell Sprewell. He overpaid and . And he’s drafted poorly.

Last January, he fired Coach Dwayne Casey, even though the team was challenging for the Western Conference’s last playoff spot, and brought in Coach Randy Wittman.

With Wittman on the sideline, the Wolves fell apart. This isn’t a one-year thing. An amazing comeback season isn’t in the cards for the former Celtic. Here’s why: McHale is a bad executive.

So I was shocked to find out he was keeping his GM post with the Wolves. I was even more shocked to find out Coach Randy Wittman was returning to the bench.

And then I found out will be staying in Minnesota.

Where’s the direction with this franchise? Where’s the long-term vision?

It’s time to rebuild and retool. Cut bait with McHale. Send Wittman back to his old post as an assistant coach with some other team.

And, most importantly, trade Garnett. This is not an indictment on KG’s play or attitude. He’s an all-time great-a first ballot Hall of Famer. But sometimes an all-time great needs a new home and a fresh start.

It’s not working in Minnesota. I can’t watch The Big Ticket drop double-double after double-double on opposing teams and still lose by twenty. It’s disheartening.

The Wolves aren’t a playoff team. A culture of losing and apathy has started to permeate around this franchise. He deserves better, much better.

A Garnett trade would yield some picks and cap relief. Instead of being stuck in the lottery, the Wolves could rebuild. And Garnett gets a shot at the playoffs.

But McHale’s not competent enough to make such changes. Everyone can see it, everyone but the Minnesota Timberwolves, of course.