Saturday , Apr , 28 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Jason Kidd’s Game 3 Showed He’s Still An Elite Point Guard

Before game three, there were questions about Jason Kidd’s left knee. There were no more questions about Kidd’s health after his brilliant game three performance: 19 points, 16 rebounds, and 19 assists. Instead, fans and media should ask a new question: Is Jason Kidd the NBA’s best point guard? …

On Friday afternoon, was listed as questionable for game three because of a knee injury.

On Friday evening, after the game, there was little mention of Jason Kidd’s injury. The focus was on his play.

"I thought Jason Kidd, with the supposed so-called injury, was unbelievable. He dominated the basketball game,” Raptors Coach Sam Mitchell said. “As good as Vince was, Jason Kidd was part of everything. He rebounded, assists. He made big shots. Every time we made a little run, he made a play."

New Jersey’s point guard was brilliant, stuffing the stat sheet with 19 points, 16 rebounds, and 19 assists.

His triple-double helped the secure a 102-89 victory over the and they now lead their Eastern Conference playoff series 2-1.

For the last few years, Kidd has been slept on. He’s not Mario Elie-slept on, but after leading the Nets to consecutive appearances in the NBA finals, the rugged point guard has disappeared from the mainstream spotlight.

Other point guards are more fashionable. Phoenix has the charismatic Steve Nash. Detroit has the steady . And there’s a bevy of young and exciting point guards making the highlights on ESPN’s SportCenter.

But Kidd has never fallen off. He’s still doing his thing in the swamps of Jersey. In fact, game three should stop people from questioning Kidd’s health. They should ask a new question: Is he the NBA’s best point guard?

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