Saturday , Apr , 28 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Dwyane Wade And Dirk Nowitzki On The Brink Of Elimination

Last year’s finalists are down-and-out. Wade and the Heat are facing an 0-3 deficit, while Nowitizki and the Mavs are down 2-1 against the Warriors. What’s gone wrong for Miami and Dallas? Click here for analysis and answers…..

The , last year’s NBA Champions, are facing an 0-3 deficit and could soon be swept from the playoffs.

Out on the left coast, the , last year’s Western Conference Champions, are trailing the Warriors 2-1.

Why have the Heat and Mavericks fallen flat?

Miami’s stumble is not surprising. They haven’t been in rhythm since Coach Pat Riley danced it up at last year’s victory parade. Was Coach Riley even in rhythm last year?

The Heat lack athleticism, chemistry, and their star players have struggled down the stretch.

After winning an NBA Title, Miami never upgraded Dwyane and supporting cast. Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Jason Williams, Antoine Walker, and James Posey were all brought back for another run at the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. These guys look old trying to match-up against the ‘Baby’ Bulls.

The Heat are still figuring out how to play with Wade. When Flash is in the line-up, they’re an up-tempo team. When Flash got injured for two months during the regular season, they became a blue-collar, defensive team. Right now, they’re just a mediocre basketball team, stuck somewhere between up-tempo and blue-collar.

Shaq and Wade haven’t been better than Chicago’s best players. In fact, and have outplayed Miami’s dynamic duo. Shaq’s getting older and Wade’s nowhere near one hundred percent.

All of these factors combined with Chicago’s outstanding play have put Miami in a deep and insurmountable hole.

Dallas is reeling. Mark Cuban’s smirk has been replaced by a permanent frown. The Mavericks have no answer for the Warriors’ speed and athleticism.

Dallas didn’t just lose on Friday evening. They got their asses kicked, dropping a 109-91 decision that was over in the third quarter.

Twenty-one thousand screaming Warrior fans watched the game, their first taste of playoff basketball in twelve years.

They wore “We Believe” T-shirts. Everyone in the NBA now believes Golden State has a legitimate shot at upsetting Dallas.

The Warriors have suckered the Mavericks into playing at their tempo. Coach Don Nelson is a master at doing this, creating mismatches all over the floor. Right now, Dallas has no answer for the Warriors’ speed.

The Mavericks could be suffering from a regular season hangover. Dallas has had nothing significant to play for. They wrapped-up home-court months ago and started resting players. They remind me of last year’s Pistons squad.

Right now, i has to show some leadership. Yes, he dropped 20 points and 12 rebounds in game three, but it wasn’t enough. The German must literally carry his squad in game four.

This is what MVPs do. Steve Nash  carried the Suns in last year’s playoffs when they trailed the Clippers and Lakers. It’s time for Dirk to assert himself.

Sunday’s game four will reveal a lot about Nowitizki and the Mavericks. The first three games have revealed that they’re vulnerable.

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