Monday , Apr , 30 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Baron Davis And The Golden State Warriors Push Dallas To The Brink

Wow. The Golden State Warriors have done it again, upsetting the Dallas Mavericks. The boys from ‘The Bay’ are up 3-1 and are a single win away from a historic upset. Once again, Baron Davis and Jason Richardson led the charge. We’ve got your recap and analysis from one of the season’s best games …

What happened: led the Warriors to a 103-99 come from behind victory over the on Sunday night.

The Warriors now lead the series 3-1. With another win, they would become just the third team in NBA history to beat a first seed in the opening round of the post season.

Down the stretch, Davis was phenomenal. He had five points and two assists in the final minutes to help the Warriors secure the upset-victory. Davis finished the game with 33 points, eight rebounds, and four assists.

hit for 22 points to go with five rebounds, while added 19. contributed 16 points off the bench, including a spectacular first-half put-back jam.

Golden State put together an impressive 15-7 run late in the second quarter. This was capped by Davis’ improbable half-court shot that went in as time expired.

Dallas lost their poise at key points in the game. At the end of the fourth quarter, they turned the ball over twice and became flustered by Golden State’s inspired play.

scored 23 points and collected 15 rebounds for the Mavericks. had a double- double, scoring 22 points to go with 12 rebounds, while hit for 19 points.

Game 4 is Tuesday in Dallas.

My Take: Golden State looks like the first overall seed. And Dallas looks like the unconfident eighth seed that squeaked into the playoffs.

The Warriors are loose. They’re having fun. They’re the biggest thing in ‘The Bay’ since Starsky and Hutch. Okay, seriously, the Warriors are winning because they’re forcing the Mavericks to play up-tempo basketball.

Golden State thrives in fast-paced games. Dallas doesn’t thrive in fast-paced games. They won 67 regular season games with their half-court defense and by isolating Nowitzki on offense.

With their up-and-down, small ball style, the Warriors have neutralized the Mavericks’ strengths.

Baron Davis has been the best player in this series. Forget his game two melt down. It’s history. When Davis is healthy and focused, he’s as good a point guard as Steve Nash and Jason Kidd.

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