Saturday , May , 05 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Take: Reggie Theus Would Succeed As An NBA Head Coach

The NBA tends to re-cycle coaches. GMs and execs hire the guy-they-know. Reggie Theus, a former NBA star and current college coach, is reportedly under consideration for the head coaching job in Charlotte and Indiana. He’s different than the typical candidate, but as I discovered last summer he’s certainly got something positive to offer ….

Last summer, New Mexico State hit-up my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. The Aggies were part of a pre-season tournament with some Canadian and American college teams.

I had seen Reggie Theus gliding around the arena. His strut is immediately recognizable. It takes you back to his playing days.

One evening during the tournament, after New Mexico State played, I caught up with him.

I only wanted a short interview. The Americans had just lost to Greece in the FIBA World Championship. I wanted his thoughts on the loss since he played in Europe before it was chic. One quote, maybe two. I was on a deadline.

Theus was doing a post game show for Aggies’ radio. As I waited I listened to his interview. Theus was articulate, expressing interesting and insightful opinions.

He was soon finished with Aggies’ radio. Theus introduced himself. I was with one other reporter.

We talked hoops for almost an hour. Theus was bright and engaging. We discussed a wide range of issues including college recruiting, building a successful NCAA program, and the pro game.

Last year was Theus’ second at New Mexico State. The Aggies posted an impressive 25-9 record.

I wasn’t surprised by his team’s success. And I wasn’t surprised to hear and are interested in Theus’ services. He’s been a successful player, broadcaster, actor, and college coach. Why would an NBA coaching position be any different?

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