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Tayshaun Prince & The Detroit Pistons Win Game Two, Here’s How the Chicago Bulls Can Adjust

The Detroit Pistons once again dominated the Chicago Bulls in game two, winning by a score of 108-87. The Pistons are now up 2-0 in their Eastern Conference semifinals series …. Is Detroit this good? … Or are the Bulls this bad? … We’ve got your re-cap and a few suggestions for Chicago to consider … Click here for all this and so much more …

What Happened: Once again, the jumped out to an early lead and never let the back in the game.

The Pistons established an early 24-point second quarter advantage and coasted to an easy 108-87 win over the Bulls, taking a 2-0 lead in their Eastern Conference semifinals series.

led Detroit, scoring 25 points to go with seven rebounds. The lanky small forward scored in a variety of ways, hitting three shots from the beyond-the-arc and connecting on several mid-range jumpers.

But Prince had plenty of help from teammates. chipped in with 22 points and seven assists. had 24 points, nine rebounds, and six assists, while his backcourt partner, added 14 points to go with 10 assists.

Chicago’s starting five couldn’t generate any offense, making just 11-of-35 shots from the floor. led the Bulls’ starters with 16 points, but he connected on only 4-of-12 shots from the floor. scored 13 points, going 5-for-9 from the field, while also had 13 points, making just 3-of-7 shot attempts. and were a combined 0-for-7 from the floor.

was the sole bright spot for Chicago, registering 18 points and four rebounds in 22 minutes of playing time.

Game 3 is scheduled for Thursday in Chicago, giving the Bulls time to make major adjustments.

Reaction of Detroit forward Tayshaun
Prince on the Pistons’ mindset for the playoffs:
 "We haven’t had this level of focus in a while. But now that we are going on the road, it’s going to be a lot tougher. We haven’t done anything. We’ve just held serve." (ESPN)

Reaction of Detroit guard Chauncey Billups
on the Pistons six straight playoff wins:
“It’s been great. We came into the playoffs with an unbelievable amount of focus and determination.” (ESPN)

Reaction of Chicago Coach Scott Skiles on the loss:
"The thing that is the most surprising is that, in both games, we haven’t been very competitive. Right from the jump ball, they’ve owned us." (ESPN)

My Take: The Bulls obviously need to shake things up for game three. It’s a must win. Here are a few of suggestions for Chicago:

1) Tyrus Thomas should replace P.J. Brown in the starting line-up. The rookie led the Bulls with 18 points in game two, while Brown didn’t even score. Thomas’ athleticism gave the Pistons some trouble.

2) Ben Wallace should not guard Chris Webber on defense. Webber plays the high-post, forcing ‘Big Ben’ to leave the paint and guard him out on the perimeter. Wallace is at his best when  grabbing rebounds and blocking shots near the basket.

3) Give Thabo Sefolosha a shot at guarding Rip Hamilton. The rookie has the size and athleticism to chase the reincarnation of Reggie Miller around those tough Detroit screens. The first two games of the series have been too easy for Hamilton.

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