Friday , May , 11 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Phoenix Suns’ Amare Stoudemire Accusses Bruce Bowen & San Antonio Spurs Of Being Dirty

Even on off-days, the Suns and Spurs series makes news. … Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire has joined the chorus of NBA players to accuse Bruce Bowen of being dirty. …Read Stoudemire’s quotes, the Spurs’ reaction, and weigh in on whether Bowen’s actually a dirty player …

Fans were already enjoying the playoff series between the and .

On Thursday afternoon, an off-day between games, things became even more entertaining when Phoenix’s accused of being a dirty player.

"He kicked me purposely in the back of my Achilles’. I almost came down wrong and he almost caused an injury," Stoudemire said following Phoenix’s practice. "He’s known for doing that. I just hope the NBA and the commissioner take a look at that because it’s definitely a dirty play. "

Over the last few seasons, several NBA players and coaches have accused Bowen of being a dirty player. In March, the Spurs guard was fined $10,000.00 by the NBA for kicking Seattle’s in the back.

But Stoudemire’s accusations didn’t stop with Bowen.

"I think the Spurs are a dirty team," he said “I mean, during the regular season kneed me in the crotch on purpose. I just hope the league takes a look at it and cleans the game up a little bit."

Stoudemire’s comments stem from missing most of last season with a leg injury.

"I was actually very, very, very upset," the forward said. "Me personally from last year, having to sit out the whole season because of injuries. And for a guy like Bruce Bowen, who is a two-time champion, he should have more class than that, should understand what it takes to be a professional."

The Spurs shrugged off Stoudemire’s accusations, choosing to focus on the upcoming game.

"He can continue to give us fuel if he wants to, but honestly we’re not going to play any harder or any less because of what anybody says," explained. "For whatever reason, I guess people don’t expect people to play hard. It’s not the regular season. We’re not going to let people walk through us."

Game three, which is scheduled for Saturday evening in San Antonio, should be very interesting.

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