Sunday , May , 13 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Shaquille O’Neal Staying With Miami Heat

Recently, Coach Pat Riley denied the rumor that Shaquille O’Neal would be traded … The Big Aristotle will finish his illustrious career in Miami … But would there even be a market for a 35-year old Shaq? … Get this news story and your quick take right here …

will be staying put in Miami.

Earlier in the week, Coach Pat Riley denied suggestions the Heat would trade Shaquille O’Neal after getting swept by the in the first round of the playoffs.

 “Amongst growing speculation in the media, in reference to Shaq, I want to set the record straight and say we are not trading Shaq,” Riley declared.

O’Neal was named an All-Star for the 14th consecutive year, but only played in 40 games and averaged a career-worst 17.0 points per game.

The Quick Take:  Miami’s tied to O’Neal. Few teams can afford his hefty contract and few teams would trade for a center who has just a couple of years left.

Don’t get me wrong. O’Neal, when he feels inspired, can still be incredibly useful. He carried the Heat when Wade missed two months with a shoulder injury.

But, at times, he lacks motivation. And Shaq has become a liability on defense; opposing teams directly challenge the big post, running him through numerous pick-and-roll plays.

Shaq’s at his best when he feels slighted or disrespected. Hopefully, he takes to heart the Heat’s early exit and comes to training camp in excellent shape.

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