Wednesday , May , 23 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Watch Portland Win the First Overall Pick In The Draft, Blazers Will Settle Greg Oden Or Kevin Durant Debate

NBA franchises are forever changed with the lottery and NBA draft … We all remember the New York Knicks winning the first ever lottery and drafting Pat Ewing … Shaq going to Orlando … The Spurs winning the Number 1 pick and taking Tim Duncan … Watch the Blazers win the 2007 draft lottery and get reaction from Brandon Roy …

It was suspenseful. After all, the fate of three NBA franchises, , , and , would change once the envelopes were opened.

Who would win the number one pick and get the right to choose between Greg Oden and Kevin Durant?

Well, Portland won the first overall draft-pick at yesterday’s lottery ceremony and will settle the Oden or Durant debate on June 28th in New York .

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